Open and active cases where the member descendants seek more information about the soldiers, where they lived, or their genealogies in North America. In some cases, definite connections with known deserters have not yet been established as the soldier’s names were probably changed.


The JSHA regrets to inform it's readers that this registry was last updated in late 2004 and at this time no one is updating this list.  If you have questions regarding the information that led to this listing, please contact the F&M College Archives to determine if there is any information in their repository on the person listed on this registry,  If you are interested in helping JSHA update this registry in the future, please contact us.

Soldier Army
Almas, Christian Brunswick
Althaus, Konrad Hesse-Cassel
Althaus, Matthias Hesse-Cassel
Baetz, Konrad (2) Hesse-Cassel
Becker, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Bergmann, Johann Brunswick
Bingel, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Bode, Heinrich unknown
Bode, Johannes unknown
Bolender, Johann Adam Hesse-Hanau
Boucau, Abraham Hesse-Cassel
Brauckmeyer, Johann Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Braun, Christian Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Briedenthal, Matthias unknown
Brunner, Johann Anspach/Bayreuth
Buecher unknown
Busch, Johannes unknown
Creutzer, Johann Anspach/Bayreuth
Culp, Baltzer Hesse-Cassel
Damm, Jakob Hesse-Cassel
Dauth, Kaspar Brunswick
Dieffenbach, Christoph Hesse-Cassel
Doehr, Johann Adam Hesse-Cassel
Doesenberg, Anton Brunswick
Ebacher, Johann Brunswick
Ernst, Johann Anspach/Bayreuth
Faulstroh, Henrich Hesse-Hanau
Fausee, Andreas Brunswick
Fincke, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Fischer, Heinrich Brunswick
Fuhre, Heinrich unknown
Gechter, Karl Konrad Hesse-Cassel
Glaubenskind, August Franz Hesse-Hanau
Goercke, Johannes unknown
Groh, Justus Hesse-Cassel
Grunner,Christoph Anspach/Bayreuth
Haber, Jost Hesse-Cassel
Hahne, Heinrich Brunswick
Handel, Johann Brunswick
Hardt, Peter Hesse-Cassel
Harmon, Konrad unknown
Hasselmann, Georg Hesse-Cassel
Haust, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Heinemann, Georg Hesse-Cassel
Heinlein, Johann Anspach/Bayreuth
Heintzmann, Wilhelm Hesse-Cassel
Helmsdorf, Franz Brunswick
Hepner, Heinrich unknown
Himmelreich, Peter Hesse-Cassel
Hornung, Christoph Brunswick
Huck, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Immel, Peter unknown
Jordan, Henry Hesse-Hanau
Juengel, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Juncker, Ernst Hesse-Cassel
Jung, Peter Hesse-Cassel
Jungclaus, Helweg Hesse-Cassel
Kasten, Heinrich Brunswick
Kreps, Friedrich Hesse-Cassel
Kreuter, Friedrich unknown
Krueckeberg, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Kunckel, Heinrich Hesse-Hanau
Kuntz, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Lange, Jakob Peter Brunswick
Lange, Ludwig Hesse-Cassel
Langkop, Heinrich Brunswick
Langmann, Johann Hesse-Cassel
Lapp, Johannes unknown
Lauer, Johann Brunswick
Martin, Christoph Hesse-Cassel
Mevius, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Meyer, Adam unknown
Meyer, Jakob unknown
Meyer, Johann unknown
Michael, Emanuel Hesse-Cassel
Mueller, Christian unknown
Mueller, Georg unknown
Mueller, Johann Heinrich Brunswick
Mueller, Kaspar unknown
Neuberger, August Hesse-Hanau
Peine, Konrad Hesse-Cassel
Poehlmann, Konrad Anspach/Bayreuth
Probst, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Quantz, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Raisin, Johann unknown
Reiss, Georg Michael Hesse-Cassel
Rhinehart, Peter unknown
Ritter, Jakob Hesse-Cassel
Rosenberg, Peter unknown
Ruhl, Freidrich Hesse-Cassel
Schaffer, Johann Georg Hesse-Cassel
Schaub, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Schauebel, Johann Adam Anspach/Bayreuth
Scheer, Friedrich Hesse-Cassel
Scheffer, Johann Georg Hesse-Cassel
Schmidt, Heinrich Brunswick
Schroeder, Johann Hesse-Cassel
Schwalm, Gottfried Hesse-Cassel
Schwartz, Wilhelm Hesse-Hanau
Sorge, Christian Brunswick
Stahl, Johannes British
Swarm, Josef unknown
Tallett, Johann Brunswick
Uebel, Georg Anspach/Bayreuth
Uebelhauser, Jakob Hesse-Cassel
Uenfersagt, Johann Brunswick
Ulshoefer, Johann Georg Anspach/Bayreuth
Walther, Heinrich unknown
Wehr, Johann Paul Anspach/Bayreuth
Weigand, Johannes unknown
Weigand, Peter Hesse-Hanau
Weimer, Karl Brunswick
Weitzel, Nikolaus unknown
Wentzel, August Brunswick
Wetter, Konrad Waldeck
Wilhelm, Adam Hesse-Cassel
Wolters, Christian Brunswick
Wolters, Johann Peter Brunswick
Zeul, Konrad Hesse-Hanau
Ziegler, Johann Franz Waldeck
Zimmermann, Jakob Hesse-Cassel
Zuendel, Leopold Hesse-Cassel

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