Straight-line genealogies not yet established or provided to the JSHA.  Many of these “cases” were originated years, months, or weeks ago but remain incomplete.  Most hold promise of being fully researched and genealogies established by descendants who are able to follow up available leads.


The JSHA regrets to inform it's readers that this registry was last updated in late 2004 and at this time no one is updating this list.  If you have questions regarding the information that led to this listing, please contact the F&M College Archives to determine if there is any information in their repository on the person listed on this registry,  If you are interested in helping JSHA update this registry in the future, please contact us.

Soldier Army
Achilles, Heinrich Ludwig Brunswick
Albensedt, Johann Gottlieb Brunswick
Albert, Georg Hesse-Cassel
Altenberg, Wilhelm Hesse-Cassel
Baetz, Wilhelm Hesse-Cassel
Bauerrisse, Johann Anspach/Bayreuth
Baumbach, Andreas Hesse-Cassel
Beisner, Johann Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Berger, Johann Anspach/Bayreuth
Bergmann, Johann Christoph Hesse-Cassel
Bingle, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Bornemann, Gottlieb Brunswick
Bornhaus, Georg Hesse-Cassel
Bott, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Bretbinder, Wilhelm Brunswick
Breymann, Johann Christian Brunswick
Brodt, Michael Heinrich Hesse-Hanau
Cannagist, Peter Brunswick
Christ, Jakob Hesse-Cassel
Clobes, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Criselius, Christian Hesse-Cassel
Dauwald, Johann Daniel Anspach/Bayreuth
Dettmar, Christoph Hesse-Cassel
Dickhaut, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Dietz, Christian Brunswick
Dillmann, Christoph Georg Hesse-Hanau
Duevert, Andreas Brunswick
Ebel, Georg Hesse-Cassel
Ebrecht, Georg Hesse-Cassel
Eichenberg, Christoph Hesse-Cassel
Eichoff, Johann Adolph Brunswick
Engelcke, Daniel Brunswick
Fenner, Johann Nikolaus Hesse-Cassel
Fiege, Johann Phillip Hesse-Cassel
Fines, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Fraas, Johann Georg Anspach/Bayreuth
Friesland, Johann Georg Hesse-Cassel
Funck, Adam Hesse-Hanau
Geisenseider, Johann Martin Anspach/Bayreuth
Geyse von, Karl Wilhelm Brunswick
Giese, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Gleichmann, Christoph Brunswick
Gleichmann, Friedrich Brunswick
Goll, Johann Anspach/Bayreuth
Gottschall, Stefan Hesse-Hanau
Grotefend, Peter Brunswick
Guenther, Johann Heinrich Brunswick
Guertler, Christoph Hesse-Hanau
Guthard, David Hesse-Cassel
Hack, Valentine Hesse-Cassel
Halberstadt, Anton Hesse-Cassel
Hamann, Konrad Hesse-Hanau
Hartmann, Konrad Brunswick
Hartung, Heinrich Anspach/Bayreuth
Hartwig, Christian Brunswick
Hasselbach, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Heckmann, Michael Hesse-Hanau
Heidenreich, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Heinmueller, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Heischmann, John Nickolas Anspach/Bayreuth
Heldmann, Kraft Anspach/Bayreuth
Hesse, Karl Brunswick
Hoehl, Johann Georg Anspach/Bayreuth
Hoffmann, Andreas Hesse-Hanau
Hoffmeister, Franz Hesse-Cassel
Holzkamp, Christian Brunswick
Horneber, Andreas Anspach/Bayreuth
Isensee, Heinrich Brunswick
Jordan, Philipp Hesse-Cassel
Keim, Matthias Hesse-Cassel
Kellermann, Friedrich Brunswick
Kempfer, Friedrich Ludwig Hesse-Hanau
Kerl, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Kessler, Christian Hesse-Cassel
Kirchner, Adam Hesse-Hanau
Klapp, Johann Heinrich Waldeck
Kleinert, Franz Hesse-Cassel
Klintzmann, Christoph Brunswick
Klippert, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Knackstedt, Ludwig Brunswick
Knauff, Johann Gottfried Brunswick
Koch, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Koehler, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Kolb, Johann Anspach/Bayreuth
Kraehmer, Johann Matthias Anspach/Bayreuth
Kraemer, Lorenz Hesse-Hanau
Kraentzky, Karl Brunswick
Kunckel, Johannes Waldeck
Leonhard, Johannes Hesse-Hanau
Leydorf, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Linck, Kaspar Hesse-Hanau
Loeffler, Christoph Hesse-Cassel
Loetter, Georg Hesse-Hanau
Luchard, Adam Hesse-Cassel
Ludwig, Johann Andreas Anspach/Bayreuth
Mankus, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Martinie, Ernst Friedrich Brunswick
Maucke, Johann Friedrich Brunswick
Meck, Friedrich Brunswick
Meyer, Martin Hesse-Cassel
Meyerhofer, Johann Peter Anspach/Bayreuth
Michael, Jakob Hesse-Cassel
Molithor, Christian von Hesse-Cassel
Moritz, Samuel Brunswick
Muehlhan, Johann Brunswick
Muench, Balthasar Hesse-Cassel
Oeste, Johann Christoph Hesse-Cassel
Ohlwein, Georg Hesse-Cassel
Orbach, Johannes Hesse-Hanau
Oswald, Johann Jakob Hesse-Cassel
Peter, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Pomereune, Julius Brunswick
Prinzhausen, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Reinhard, Franz Hesse-Cassel
Reiss,Christoph Brunswick
Rheinhold, Johann Kaspar British
Richard, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Rippel, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Ruebesam, Adam Hesse-Cassel
Rueckert, Peter Anspach/Bayreuth
Ruppel, Konrad Hesse-Hanau
Salzmann, Johann Brunswick
Sauer, Johann Brunswick
Saust, Christian Brunswick
Schabacker, Adam Hesse-Cassel
Schauer, Georg Martin Anspach/Bayreuth
Schellhase, Bernhard Hesse-Cassel
Schellhase, Martin Hesse-Cassel
Scherzeberg, Christian Brunswick
Schimmel, Johann Georg Hesse-Cassel
Schleezer, Martin British
Schlottmann, Ernst Alex Hesse-Cassel
Schmeltz, Johann Adam Hesse-Cassel
Schmeltz, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Schmidt, Friedrich Brunswick
Schmidt, Johann Heinrich Brunswick
Schmoll, Andreas Hesse-Cassel
Schnabel, Konrad Hesse-Hanau
Schneider, Johann Konrad Hesse-Cassel
Schneider, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Schoppe, Anton Brunswick
Schreiber, Heinrich Brunswick
Schroedt, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Schuenenmann, Christian Brunswick
Schuetze, Matthias Hesse-Cassel
Schwalm, Andreas Hesse-Cassel
Schwend, Christian Hesse-Cassel
Schwend, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Schwend, Kaspar Hesse-Cassel
Seip, Peter Hesse-Cassel
Senf, Johann Christian Brunswick
Sievers, Friedrich Brunswick
Steinbach, Johannes Hesse-Cassel
Steinmetz, Johannes Hesse-Hanau
Stephan, Georg Hesse-Cassel
Stroehlmann, Heinrich Hesse-Cassel
Strohl, Christian Hesse-Hanau
Tacke, Anton Brunswick
Tuchscheer, Georg Waldeck
Tuennermann, Hans Henrich Hesse-Cassel
Ullrich, Heinrich British
Vesenebecker, Georg Hesse-Cassel
Vieth, Adolphus Hesse-Cassel
Wassmuth, Martin Hesse-Cassel
Wedenhauser, Martin Hesse-Cassel
Weidling, Johann Christoph Brunswick
Wendrich, Christian Hesse-Hanau
Wigand, Georg Hesse-Cassel
Witzel, Christoph Brunswick
Wolff, Anton Hesse-Cassel
Wolff, Johann Ludwig Brunswick
Ziegelsteil, Georg Brunswick
Zinck, Friedrich Brunswick

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