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2001 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 7, Number 1, ISBN No. 0-939016-30-3


The British Invasion as seen by a Braunschweig Subaltern at Fort Ticonderoga: "Some Frank Thoughts about the Campaign of Lieutenant General John Burgoyne in 1777," by Thomas M. Barker.   Plus a JSHA Exclusive - 4 Color Maps included in the 2001 Journal - Battles of Fort Ticonderoga and Bennington, tranlated and annotated by Thomas M. Barker.

The Waldeckers along the Mississippi: Letters from Two Grenadier Officers, by Lt. Col. Donald M. Londahl-Smidt, USAF-Ret.

Prayer for the Safe Return of the Brandenburg Forces Homeward-Bound from America Following the Peace, Which Prayer has been Prescribed to be Read Aloud at the Public Service of Worship by the Consistory of Upper Bayreuth, at the Personal Comand of His Serene Highness - 1783, translated by George W. Buffington.  

Anton Adolf Heinrich Du Roi's Diary of the Convention Army's March from Massachusetts to Virginia, translated by Dr. Gerhard Friesen.  

Journal of the Hessen-Hanau Infantry Regiment Erbprintz, Kept by Judge-Advocate Paul Wilhelm Schaeffer - March 1776 to April 1777, Plus Letters to his Parents, translated by Henry J. Retzer.

Journal of the Hessen-Hanau Infantry Erbprinz Infantry Regiment - June to August 1777, Kept by Chaplain Philipp Theobald, translated by Henry J. Retzer.

George Washington's German Allies: Das Deutsche Königlich-Französische Infanterie Regiment von Zweybrücken or Royal Deux-Ponts - Part II: March 1780 - June 1781, by Robert A. Selig.

The Braunschweigers at Penobscot, 1782 - 1783: Correspondence and Reports of Captain Henrich Urban Cleve - Part II: 1783, translated by Dr. Helga Boie-Doblin, annotated by Donald M. Londahl-Smidt, USAF-Ret.


Johan Georg Briede - A Journey from Hessen-Cassel to Frederick County, Maryland.  Johann Heinrich Maasberg - A Braunschweiger Ventures to a New World, both articles by Doris Bready Mossburg.

Who was Christian Burgess?  Was He Johann Christian Borries or Johann Christian Borges?, prepared by Mark A. Schwalm.  

The Life and Family of Hessen-Cassel Private Johann Frantz Rinke, Wickenrode, Hessen, Germany, to Lincoln County, North Carolina, by Mary Rink Harbinson, edited by Hazel Green Pflueger and Robert Webler.  

Other Articles of Interest

A History of the Valley View Park, by George and Ruth Schwalm.

Sixth World Reunion of German and American Schwalms, 2000.

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