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2002 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 7, Number 2, ISBN No. 0-939016-31-1


The Hessen-Cassel Knightly Orders of the Golden Lion and the pour la Vertu Militaire, by Lt. Colonel Donald M. Londahl-Smidt, USAF-Ret.  

A Court of Inquiry: The Conduct of Captain Christoph Alberti, Sr., on the Amite River, September 4, 1779, translated by Henry J. Retzer, annotated by Lt. Colonel Donald M. Londahl-Smidt, USAF-Ret.

Johann David Schoepf, M.D. - Staff Physician of the Brandenburg-Ansbach-Bayreuth Regiments, by Henry Retzer.  

German Soldiers in British Courts: Information from British Court Martial Records during the American Revolution, by Don H. Hagist.  

Hessian Hussars Serving in America?  Attempts to Set Up "Hessian" Light Cavalry Units, by Arno Störkel, PhD.

George Washington's German Allies: Das Deutsche Königlich-Französische Infanterie Regiment von Zweybrücken or Royal Deux-Ponts - Part III: July 1781 - June 1783, by Robert A. Selig.


Johan Henrich Hammer - How We Got from Family Tradition to Proof of Hessian Descent, by Robert A. Fetters and Linda Black Shillinger.

JSHA Registry of German Auxiliary Troops Who Remained in North America After the Revolutionary War, updated from the 1997 JSHA publication by Robert Webler and Harold Schwalm.  

The Life and Family of Hessen-Cassel Private Johann Frantz Rinke, Wickenrode, Hessen, Germany, to Lincoln County, North Carolina, by Mary Rink Harbinson, edited by Hazel Green Pflueger and Robert Webler.  

Other Articles of Interest

Twenty-Five Years of Annual Meeting Badges, text by N. Daniel Schwalm and photography by Sally Bacon.

Old Barracks Museum Exhibit, Trenton, New Jersey, by Ann Cassar, photos by Richard Cassar.

All in the Family, research by George H. Schwalm, compiled by N. Daniel Schwalm.

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