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Journal Contents

2006 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 9, ISBN No. 0939016-35-4


An Ansbach-Bayreuth Deserter List With Hometowns, by Horst Lochner and Henry J. Retzer. 180 names of men with hometowns, ranks, units, and date and place of desertion in North America. This 1802 list was recently discovered.

Report of My 1778 Attempted Visit to the Hessian Captives, by Johannes Kitz, Sergeant & Regimental Quartermaster, Translated and Annotated by Henry J. Retzer. The difficulties of a supply wagon train traveling from Philadelphia to Virginia (but ending at Lancaster) through territory controlled by Washington's troops. Mentions many place names on the route and includes correspondence to and from General Washington and a report to the Landgraf Friedrich.

The Battles of Saratoga and the Kinderhook Tea Party: The Campaign Diary of a Junior Officer of Baron Riedesel's Musketeer Regiment in the 1777 British Invasion of New York, by Thomas M. Barker, Ph.D. Starting on 2 July 1777 this diary written by an unnamed officer in the von Speth regiment's fifth company describes details of this campaign, including maneuvers, casualties, and life on the march. The "tea party" on 23 October was a visit to a local Nederlander family with a charming "beauty."

Officers of the Hessian General Hospital in North America, 1776-1784, by Lt. Colonel Donald M. Londahl-Smidt, USAF-Ret., About 30 officers' names, pay, dates of service, and fate (death, discharge, return to Hessen-Cassel) are listed, including those who remained in North America after service in the New York City hospital. Features contemporary drawings of surgeons' uniforms.

The Hessian Fly Attack on America, by Henry J. Retzer. Arriving in the mattress straw of the Hessian troops, Mayetiola destructor was one of the earliest instances of biological warfare.

German Auxiliary Project: The Incursion to Mount Independence, Part II: The Advance Against Mount Independence, July 1777, by Ronald F. Kingsley, Harvey Alexander, and Eric Schnitzer. Continuation of the archaeological study of the passage of the German troops from their encampment on Larrabee's Point during the advance of General John Burgoyne toward Ticonderoga. Has maps, pictures of relics, and both British and American accounts.

John H. Merz, 1924-2006. Obituary of a former JSHA member and well-known Hessian researcher.

Helga Boie Doblin, 1911-2005, by Lt. Colonel Donald M. Londahl-Smidt, USAF-Ret. The life of Skidmore College Professor Doblin and a list of Revolutionary War-related publications she wrote or translated.

American Interrogations of German Deserters, New York, April 1782-April 1783, by Lt. Colonel Donald M. Londahl-Smidt, USAF-Ret. Names and information revealed by about 70 deserters (who may have remained to found families in North America). Includes brief description of circumstances of desertion.

Hessian Reading, by Henry J. Retzer. Lists publications on Hessian subjects by Bruce E. Burgoyne, Walter K. Schroeder, and Claus Reuter.

Research Notes, by Lt. Colonel Donald M. Londahl-Smidt, USAF-Ret. Report of research materials acquired by JSHA, particularly from the National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office) in England.


Carl Christopher Edman Aulich, Hessian Soldier, Husband, Father, American, Part I, by Rena Carol Aulick-Lynn and Jesse L. Lynn, Jr. Ph.D. The story of a Hessian soldier from Silesia who was a prisoner of war in Frederick, Maryland, and later lived in Baltimore and Winchester, Virginia. Includes maps and copies of interesting documents.

German (So Called Hessian) Soldiers Who Remained in Massachusetts and Neighboring States, Particularly After the Battles of Bennington and Saratoga, by Robert M. Webler. One or two paragraphs about each of 40 soldiers and photos of two tombstones-John Andrew Isense and John Whitty.

Johann Friedrich Luecke from the Duchy of Braunschweig, by Alice T. Garner. This native of Gross Elbe served in the von Rhetz Regiment, married Betsey Stone, and first settled in Windsor County, Vermont, then living both in Ontario and New York State. Names and descriptions of 14 children are included.

Family Stories and News

More Favorite Recipes, compiled by Ann Cassar. Recipes of yesterday and today documented for the future when food will be processed and precooked.

All in the Family, by N. Daniel Schwalm and Donald Reed. Twenty-four pages of births, obituaries, and accomplishments of today's Hessian descendants. Each year this feature presents old photos of people and places.

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