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2007 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 10, ISBN No. 978-0-939016-36-5


Military Justice in a "Hessian" Regiment in America, 1777-1783, by Colonel Michael R. Gadue, ARNG-Ret. Punishments ranged from demotion to being shot or hung.  most interesting was running th egauntlet, which is illustrated by artist Tony Orzech.

Braunschweigers, Hessians and Tories in the Battle of Bennington (16 August 1777): The American "Revolution" as a Cival War, by Thomas E. Barker, Ph.D.. The German pioneers and early Lutherans, tories Franz Joseph Pfister and John Gordon Macomb.

The Forgotten POWs at Rutland, Massachusetts, 1783, by Lt. Colonel Donald M. Londahl-Smidt, USAF-Ret. A list of forty-plus soldiers transported to Stade, Germany, arriving 8 September 1783.  Of particular interest are the names and brief details of 11 men who remained in America, possibly becoming citizens and raising families.

Connecticut's Experience with Hessian Troops in the Revolutionary War, by Robert M. Webler. Detailed records of prisoners marching through or held in jails in the state.  Names of 11 captives, ioncluding the author's ancestor, who remaind in Connecticut are given.  Local reactions of citizens as the observed the Long March of the Convention Army to Charlottesville, Virginia, are described.

The 1783 Visit to the Hessian Yorktown Captives, compiled by Henry J. Retzer. Journals, letters and documents describing transfer of supplies and money to prisoners in Pennsylvania and Maryland and the return trip to New York. Itemized lists of goods detained in Chester County by local residents who attacked the wagon train.

Claims for Healing Costs of Wounded Hessian Captives, by Michael F. Barrett and Lt. Colonel Donald Londahl-Smidt, USAF-Ret.. Names of soldiers, medical staff members treating them, nature of wounds, and geographical location of battles for 26 men. Sample page written in German with a handwritten British translation from the National Archives at Kew, England.

Hessian History at the David Library of the American Revolution, by Katherine Ludwig, Librarian. Items of particular interest to Hessian scholars in this library at Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, includes the Lidgerwood Collection of Hessian Transcripts (microfiche), British National Archives admiralty records (microfilm), the Colonial Office and Home Office (British) letters, the War Office records, printed sources on the German role in the Revolution, and a long list of books for those tracing their German heritage. The website is

Hessian Reading, Lists three recent titles.

Research Notes, by Lt. Colonel Donald M. Londahl-Smidt, USAF-Ret. Report of research materials acquired by JSHA.


Lieutenant Carl Gottfried Julius Winterschmidt of the Braunschweig Grenadier Battalion, by Robert R. Zins, Sr. Story of a prisoner captured at Saratoga and marched to Virginia, where he deserted, married in York, Pennsylvania, and finally settled in Martinsburg, (West) Virginia, written by his fourth great-grandson.

Doctor Henry Keerl-Hessian Medic, Baltimore Druggist, by Henry J Retzer. Associated with the Rall regiment, Keerl deserted in Charleston, South Carolina, settled in Baltimore and enjoyed the entire esteem of his community.

Family Stories and News

Schartel's Hotel, by N. Daniel Schwalm. History of the property located near Klingerstown, probably built in 1857, later used as a farm by Andrew J. and Rosa Kehres Schwalm, and presently owned by the author.

Wepler-Fuehrer Family Connection, by Robert M. Webler. Interesting communication with today's descendants of two soldiers who may have known each other.

More Favorite Recipes, compiled by Ann Cassar. Recipes brought to light during a discussion of travelers during the 1989 trip to Germany and a lamb mold cake.

All in the Family, by N. Daniel Schwalm and Donald Reed. Twenty-three pages of births, obituaries, and accomplishments of today's Hessian descendants. Each year this feature presents old photos of people and places.

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