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2008 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 10, ISBN No. 0939016-35-4


The "Unknown Marburger"-Another Portrait of Jaeger Colonel von Wurmb Is Found, by Joern Meiners. A detective story of identifying a recipient of the Pour la vertu militaire order in a painting owned by the University of Marburg. The portrait is featured on the cover of the journal.

Diary of Johann Christoph Doehlemann, Grenadier Company, Ansbach Regiment, March 1777 to September 1778, transcribed by Karl Walther, translated by Henry J. Retzer. Travel to seacoast, ocean crossing, arrival at New York harbor, action in New Jersey, march to Philadelphia, and sailing back to New York.

Letter from a Staff Officer in Savannah, 16 January 1779, Judge-Advocate S. D. Heinemann, Woellwarth Regt., translated by Henry J. Retzer. Voyage from New York to Savannah and contemporary impression of the then 40-year-old town

Soldiers of the Braunschweig Corps Who Deserted and Served in Colonel Armand's Independent Corps of the U. S. Continental Army During the Revolutionary War, by Robert M. Webler., Alphabetical chart of 242 names with data on muster rolls, army unit, desertion or discharge date, recruitment location and date joining Armand.

Lieutenant Colonel Friedrich S. Baum, Officer Commanding, The Bennington Expedition, by Col. Michael R. Gadue, ARNG-Ret. A new perspective of the defense tactics of Baum, often blamed for the loss at Bennington. Baum died in battle and did not have an opportunity to explain his decisions as compared with the recollections of opposing General John Stark.

Braunschweigers, Hessians and Tories in the Battle of Bennington (16 August 1777): Part II, The Sequel, by Thomas E. Barker, Ph.D. The unrepentant tory pastor, Johann Wilhelm Samuel Schwerdtfeger of the Gilead Lutheran church, still existing as the First Lutheran Church in Albany, and other tory families: Feil, Hayner, Cipperlis.

Hessian Drawing. by Elizabeth A. Hannula and Robert M. Webler. Charcoal sketch of Nathan and Tabitha Whitney, of Westminster, Massachusetts, drawn by a Brunswick soldier, and owned by the Westminster Historical Society. Photos of the Whitney home and other homes existing at that time, letters related to the town citizens' taking prisoners into their homes, names of officers and servants quartered there, and stories of their experiences in "captivity."

Correspondence Between the Admiral Commanding at Portsmouth and the Secretary of the Admiralty Concerning German Troops, Part 1: March-June 1776., by Lt. Colonel Donald M. Londahl-Smidt, USAF-Ret. Includes lists of ships, their masters, their weight, and number of troops carried. Much information concerning the arrival and departure of transports and the warships that escorted convoys with German troops aboard.

Extracts from the Diary and Letters of Staff Captain Karl Ludwig, Freiherr von Doernberg, 1779-1781, Part 1-Germany to Portsmouth, March 28 - May 30, 1779, Translated from the French by Robert A Selig, PhD., Annotated by Lt. Col. Donald M. Londahl-Smidt, USAF-Ret. Travel on the Weser River. Shipboard discipline problems as well as entertainment. Strong storms on the river. Descriptions of the towns en route. Departure from Bremen and ocean travel to Portsmouth.

Hessian Reading, by Katherine Ludwig. Research materials, a genealogical dictionary, and a mystery fiction book involving a disappearance during the War for Independence.

Research Notes, by Lt. Colonel Donald M. Londahl-Smidt, USAF-Ret. Report of research materials located and acquired by JSHA.


Konrad Zeul 1754-1830, Hessian Soldier, Maryland Farmer, by Jennifer Shipley. aken prisoner at Saratoga, Zeul escaped from the Frederick Barracks in Maryland during the Long March to Virginia. He settled in current-day Carroll County and raised a family with many descendants. This story has 116 endnotes documenting census records and courthouse records.

Family Stories and News

All in the Family, by N. Daniel Schwalm and Donald Reed. Thirty-eight pages of births, obituaries, and accomplishments of today's Hessian descendants. Highlights are the Coleman's Church 150-year anniversary (burial site of Johannes Schwalm), a Schwalm-themed wedding in Wisconsin, and the serendipitous acquisition of the Samuel Schwalm letters and other documents at an estate auction. Each year this feature presents old photos of people and places.

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