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1977 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 1, Number 1, ISBN No. ?-???-?????-?


Additions to the Johannes Schwalm genealogy as recorded in the book Johannes Schwalm the Hessian covering members of the Klinger Family.

Additions and corrections pertaining to the above mentioned book.

Articles of Interest

Hessian Feelings.  Visit of Mark and Helen Schwalm with Helgor Boerner, Minister President of Hessen.

Editor's Note.  Explaining the origin of the Journal.

The Ill-Fated Expedition.  A newspaper article appearing in the Boston Gazette about the capture of the ships carrying Hessians headed for Halifax - the Molly (from which Johannes Schwalm was captured) and the Triton.

An Old Rebel.  Story of Mark Mintzer, resident of Philadelphia who encouraged Hessians to desert during their occupation of that city in 1777-78.

1776 Anxiety.  News being spread about the movement of the British out of New York and a message dated 14 October 1776, released by The Order of The Council in Philadelphia.

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