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1979 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 1, Number 3, ISBN No. ?-???-?????-?


Johannes Reuber's Diary, translated by Herbert N. Freund.  The diary of a draftee into Co. 4 of the Rall Regiment, beginning on 1 Jan. 1776, and ending on 29 Nov. 1782.

Kirmes Celebration, translated by N. Daniel Schwalm.  One of 13 songs composed by Georg von Luder to be sung to a Schwaelmer Dance Tune over 200 year ago.


News Items Relating to the Descendants of Johannes Schwalm, with Emphasis on the Descendants of Catherine Schwalm Hoffa, Daughter of Johannes, compiled by G. Paul Moser and various others.

Articles of Interest

News Items Relating to the Postumously Pardon of John Kehoe, Molley Magire Head, Compiled by G. Paul Moser.   One of the jury members who convicted Joh Kehoe was Frederick Schwalm, grandson of Johannes.

Schwaelmer Tidbits.  1772 census for the village of Niedergrenzebach in the Schwalm Valley; Was General George A. Custer a descendant of a Hessian?  Origin of the Yankee Doodle; 27 Aristocratic Toasts on the King's birthday in 1779, hosted by General Tryon.

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