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1980 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 1, Number 4, ISBN No. 0-686-18265-4


Messages in German, translated by Dr. Karl J. R. Arndt.  Broadsides printed in German and distributed by the Americans within the German lines.

Schwaelmer Anecdotes, translated by N. Daniel Schwalm.

Privateers and Prisoners, translated by Herbert M. Freund and annotated by Kenneth S. Jones.   Prisoner list of Hessian soldiers captured on the Ship Triton; i.e. Co. 3 von Knyphausen Regt.

Stories from the Hegins Valley, written in PA Dutch and translated by Lee E. Schrope.


Schwaelmer Trachten Art Exhibit.   The availability of a series of 16 water color prints by Marianne Heinemann, depicting the dress of the people from the Schwalm Valley worn 150 years ago.

The Life and Hard Times of Johann Daniel Poop, Compiled by Mark A. Schwalm , G. Paul Moser and Kenneth S. Jones.   Story of the Family of Otillia Bobb, second wife of Johannes Schwalm (ancestor of all of the descendants of Johannes Schwalm) which took place in Stephanshof, Pirmasens, Germany.

The Glass works near Stephanshof, by Mark A. Schwalm, from data supplied by Hans Wiecek of Brucsal, Germany with the aid of translations by Fritz Schwalm, Jr., N. Daniel Schwalm, Dr. Karl E. Schwalm, Alfred Reichl and Werner Thiemens.   Photos by Mark A. Schwalm.   A description of the glass industry in Stephanshof and how the landlord-tenant relationship system functioned at the time of Johnn Daniel Popp.

Genealogy of the Bob Family, Compiled by Mark A. Schwalm with contributions by Morton Bobb, Jr. and Hans Wiecek.   Includes various Bobb wills.

Articles of Interest

A Fairy Tale Come True, Narrated by N. Daniel Schwalm.  A recounting of the first tour to Hessen and the Schwalm Valley in June 1979, by descendants of Hessian soldiers, organized and conducted by Mark A. Schwalm.

A Letter of Welcome to the American Tour Group, from Friedrich Wilhelm Walper, Buergermeister of the City of Neukirchenm June 1979.

A Continuing Relationship.  The american Schwalms visit with the Minister President of Hessen, Helgor Boerner

Family Newsmakers.  A series of photos and news items relating to descendants of Johannes Schwalm.

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