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1981 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 2, Number 1, ISBN No. 0-939016-05-2


Proclamations and Broadsides, Researched by Kenneth S. Jones and translated by William T. Parsons and Noah G. Good.

An Appeal to the German Soldiers, printed by Carl Cist on Market Street in Philadelphia in 1783.

The Mahantongo Mountain, a poem written by Samuel M. Neagley and translated by N. Daniel Schwalm.

Schwaelmer Eating Customs and Recipes, translated by N. Daniel Schwalm.


A composite list of German Prisoners of War Located at the New Gaol - Philadelphia 1779-1782, compiled by Mark A. Schwalm.   Includes Rank, Regiment Company, Place of Birth, POW List on which name appeared and disposition.

Johann Leibeit and the Convention Army, by Lion G. Miles.   The story of his Braunschweig ancestor, including his life in America after the Revolution.

A Trip to Northern Pennsylvania, described by G. Paul Moser.   A description of a trip by the author in which he discovered numerous articles of genealogical interest.

In Memorium.  Obits on Dr. Leslie J. Schwalm, one of the founders of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association.

Articles of Interest

A twist of Fate, by G. Paul Moser.  The story about the home site of Stephan Decatur in Frankfurt near Philadelphia.  It became Greenwood Cemetery, the burial place of many American Revolutionary War soldiers.  One of the Superintendents married the daughter of G. Paul Moser, a descendant of a Hessian soldier.

The Iron Master and the Hessians, by Lion G. Miles.   A story about the iron works owned by John Jacob Faesch at Mt. Hope Plantation near Rockaway in Morris Co. NJ, and the employment of Hessian Prisoners of War.

Accounts of Early Schwalm Reunions, by N. Daniel Schwalm.

Continued Research.  A collection of Miscellaneous Addenda, including (1) the Personal Property of Johannes (John) Schwalm deceased, together with those articles left to his widow; (2) The account of Frederick Schwalm, Executor of the last will & testament of Johannes (John) Schwalm; (3) A piece of Civil War correspondence by Samuel Schwalm written at a Civil War Camp near Annapolis.

The Public Sale of the Estate of Daniel E. Schwalm.  Great Grandson of Johannes Schwalm.

JSHA, Inc. in the News.  The Hessian Portrait - story of the artist, mary Moser Carbaugh; depository for JSHA, Inc. at the Lancaster County Historical Society, Lancaster, PA; Presentation of a roof tile taken from the barn of Johann Danniel Poop, Sr. in Stephanshof, Germany to the Historic Schaefferstown Museum.  Poop was the father-in-law of Johannes Schwalm.  Schwalemer Trachten Art Exhibit.

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