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1983 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 2, Number 3, ISBN No. 0-939016-08-7


The Diary of Chaplain Philipp Waldeck - 20 May 1776 through 7 October 1777, Part I, by William E. Dornemann, PhD.


Johann Peter Sippel, Deserter/Patriot, by John W. Mahlstedt.   Story about a Hessen-Cassel soldier who deserted from the Landgraf Regt. who settled in New York State.

A Brunswicker, by Norma Grody Mason, in collaboration with Mark A. Schwalm and Werner Ranglack.   Story about a Braunschweig Grenadier, captured at Saratoga who subsequently made the treck to Winter Hill, MA, Charlottesville, VA, and Reading, PA where he likely indentured himself and eventually settled in Falkner Swamp, PA.

How to Trace a Hessian Soldier, by Mark A. Schwalm.

Hessian Registry, by Richard Barth and Mark A. Schwalm.   Names of possible German soldiers who remained in the U.S. and Canada, and the names of inquirers.

Articles of Interest

HISTORICAL ECHOES, by Kenneth S. Jones.  A potpourri of Genealogy and History involving Hessians.

Books Presente to the Lutheran Archives Center, by Mark A. Schwalm.   Evangelische Lieder Sammlung printed at Gettysburg in 1837.  Johann Buebners Bbiblische Historien aus dem Alten und Neuen Testamente, printed at Harrisburg in 1826.

The Civil War Experiences of Samuel Schwalm, by David L. Schwalm, J.D.

All in the Family, compiled by N. Daniel Schwalm.   Items related to the Johannes Schwalm Family.

We Lost a Friend, by Kenneth S. Jones.   Obit "In Memoriam" of Gertrude Ryder Bennet Williams, Poet, Author and Historian.

Activities of Johannes Schwalm Historical Association.

Corrections Relating to Previous Journals of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association.

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