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1984 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 2, Number 4, ISBN No. 0-939016-09-5


The Diary of Chaplain Philipp Waldeck - October 1777 through 13 December 1778, Part II, by William E. Dornemann, PhD, with an introduction by Bruce E. Burgoyne.


Schwalm Family Coal Miners - Part I, by David L. Schwalm, J.D.   Photographs, history and anecdotes of Anthracite mining in Western Schuylkill and Upper Dauphin Counties, PA.

Caspar Goebell, A Hessian in Appalachia, by Raymond M. Cable, PhD.   The story of a Grenadier of the Rall Regt. captured at Trenton and who later deserted at Stono Island, SC.   He was a settler in western NC and TN.

Andreas Thormann: A Brunswick Soldier and Solid Citizen, by Dorothy Dorman Fortune in collaboration with Mark A. Schwalm.   Story of a deserter from the POW Camp at Charlottesville, VA.

Who was Barbara Gebhart, by G. Paul Moser.   Story of the ancestor of Barbara Stein, first wife of Friedrich Schwalm.

The Huguenot Masseus, by G. Paul Moser.   Ancestor of Barbara Gebhart.

Messersmith Documents, by G. Paul Moser.   Story relating to the descendants of Catharine Schwalm Hoffa (daughter of Johannes Schwalm).

Articles of Interest

HISTORICAL ECHOES, by Kenneth S. Jones.  Confirmation of the date of death of Johannes Schwalm and a potpourri of Genealogy and History involving German soldiers generically referred to as Hessians.

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