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1986 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 3, Number 2, ISBN No. 0-939016-11-7


The Waldeck Diary - Part IV - March 1780, by Bruce E. Burgoyne.


Johann Ignatius Effinger, by G. Paul Moser and Mark A. Schwalm.   Story of a German recruit who served in the British 17th Regiment.  He deserted and joined the von Heer Corps which served as Washington's Bodyguard.

Philip Reinhold Pauli, by Kenneth D. Sell, PhD.   Story of a 2nd Lt. in the Rall Regt. who became a Reformed Minister in Philadelphia and REding, PA.

William Schwalm Family Reminiscences, by G. Paul Moser.

PROFILES: Friedrich Tissius, German recruit who served in the British 4th Regiment of Foot. He deserted and joined the von Heer Corps.
                     Adam Grasmether, Grenadier in the Batt. von Linsingen.
        Both by Mark A. Schwalm.

Ancestors of Heinrich Froelich, by William S. Cramer, PhD.   Part II of a story about a Hessen-Cassel deserter from the Erb Prinz Regiment.

German Cousins, by Mark A. Schwalm  Obituary of Karl Ernst Schwalm, Frankfurt, Germany.

Recognition in France, by G. Paul Moser.  Copy of the 28th issue of the French Bulletin de Liaison du Schmeltz Club International.

Articles of Interest

Schwalm Family Coal Miners, Part II, by David L. Schwalm, J.D.

HISTORICAL ECHOES, by Kenneth S. Jones.  A Potpourri of Genealogy and History involving Hessians.

ALL IN THE FAMILY, Researched by George H. Schwalm and compiled by N. Daniel Schwalm.   Items related to the Johannes Schwalm Family.

History of the Schwalm Church, Fearnot, PA, by R. Carl Barth, Editor.   Church celebrated it's 100th Anniversery.

Johannes Schwalm the Hessian, Notes and Corrections.  By James S. Smith, PhD.

Index of Archived Materials of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Assn. Inc. as of 12 March 1986.   Materials were located at the Lancaster Historical Society, Lancaster PA.

A Johannes Schwalm House, by G. Pul Moser.   Description of an early house once owned by Johannes Schwalm.

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