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1987 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 3, Number 3, ISBN No. 0-939016-12-5


Journal of the Feld Jaeger Corps, Part 1, by Bruce E. Burgoyne.  23 June 1777 - 1779

Men of the 3rd Waldeck Regiment Who Remained in the New World, by Bruce E. Burgoyne.   Minie Bios of Waldeck Soldiers who remained in North America after the Revolution.


K. F. Fuehrer; Prisoner, Patriot, Publisher, by Kenneth S. Jones.   Story of a von Knyphausen officer captured at Trenton who deserted and remained in the US.

Johann Nikolaus Bahner, by Herbert M. Bohner and Mark A. Schwalm.   Story of a Private who deserted from the Rall Regt. near Savannah and returned to Dauphin and Northumberland Counties of Pennsylvania.

The Klinger Family, by Mary Kessler Klinger.   Describes links to the Johannes Schwalm Family.

PROFILES: Conrad Aubel, Lieb Regiment from Hessen-Cassel
                     Johann Conrad Dietz, von Knyphausen Regiment from Hessen-Cassel.  Captured at Trenton and again on the Ship Triton.
        Both by Mark A. Schwalm.

Hessian Registry: by Richard Barth and Mark A. Schwalm.   Names of possible German soldiers who remained in the U.S. and Canada, and the names of inquirers..

Peter Schwalm Family, by Paul Moser, MD.  Lecture on his family history.

Articles of Interest

A Hessian Bibliography, by Kenneth S. Sell.  An extensive bibliography and index of Hessian Materials published in English.

An American Revolutionary War Relic, by Ralph S. Solecki and Dwight B. Demeritt, Jr.   The story of a Plate forming part of the head piece of a hat worn by the Hessen-Cassel soldiers.

HISTORICAL ECHOES, by Kenneth S. Jones.  A Potpourri of Genealogy and History involving Hessians.

ALL IN THE FAMILY, Researched by George H. Schwalm and compiled by N. Daniel Schwalm.   Items related to the Johannes Schwalm Family.

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