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1994 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 5, Number 2, ISBN No. 0-939016-23-0


Letters from Private Jung Heim Steller to His Parents, 1777-1778. Translated by Henry Retzer, Annotated by Donald Londahl-Smidt. Among the troops furnished to King George III by Landgraf Friedrich II of Hesse Kassel was the Garrison Regiment von Huyn. Two letters written by Private Jung Heim Steller to his parents, dated 1777 and 1778, tells how dangerous things are in America. He would like to send money home, but is afraid that it would be lost in transit.

On Board the Malage: The First Hessians Arrive at Halifax, Translated by Bruce Burgoyne and Henry Retzer, Annotated by Donald Londahl-Smidt. Letters from Captain Peter Michael Waldenberg, and Lieutenant Christian Fredrich von Urff, dated July 2 and 3, 1776, are written aboard the Malaga, one of the transport ships in the fleet carying the first division of the Hesse Kassel troops to North America. The letters describe how they chased and overtook a prized merchant ship.

On Board the Speedwell: The First Hessians Arive at New York, Translated by Bruce Burgoyne and Henry Retzer, Annotated by Donald Londahl-Smidt. The Speedwell was the first Hessian transport ship to arrive at New York. Both accounts of Lieutenant Colonel Justus Henrich Block and Captain Christan Henrich von Bentheim tell about the water that the ship kept taking in, and how often they had to pump out the water. The Speedwell remained in Halifax until repairs were made.

Hessian Prisoners of War Taken on Staten Island in 1776 by Henry J. Retzer. Nine British and eight Hessian soldiers were taken as POW's on October 16, 1776. The Hessian soldiers and their fates are identified.

March Routes of George Adam Stang, Obiost Bayreuth, the 19th of January 1784, Translated and annotated by Bruce E. Burgoyne. From 1777 to 1783, Stang uses words such as, "we embarked, we sailed, we broke camp, we received information," to map out his accountant as a musician in the Bayreuth Regiment.


Oaths of Allegiance to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by Mark A. Schwalm.  Males are identified who deserted from the "British and Hessian Lines", and who took an oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Occupations are identified, as well as the origin of army, and date of oath.


Redemption Certificate by Mark A. Schwalm. An Account of Johannes Urbach/Orbach, who bought his redemption (freedom) for eighty dollars. Other steps for redemption are discussed in this article.

Other Articles of Interest

The Machine at Marley by Ann Cassar (abstracted from a translation of the French publication, "La Machine de Marley" 2nd Edition, 1988, Editions du Musee-Promenade de Marley-Le Roi, Louveciennes, text and illustrations by Charles Frelaut). A French translation that describes "The Machine at Marley," an amazing machine that carried water from the Seine River to Versailles Palace to water the magnificent gardens of King Louis XIV.

All in the Family, researched by George H. Schwalm and compiled by N. Daniel Schwalm.

A Map of Hegins and Valley View, PA, 1933, Prepared by Richard C. Barth.

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