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1995 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 5, Number 3, ISBN No. 0-939016-24-9


Letters of A.J. von Wangenheim Translated by Henry Retzer, Annotated by Donald Londahl-Smidt.  Four letters, written by Friedrich A.J. von Wangenheim, dated June 5, 1777, June 24, 1777, November 30, 1779, and August 8, 1780, are printed in their entirety.  Trained as a forester, von Wangenheim describes the animals and trees of America.  As a senior officer in command of recruits and Jaegers, he also tells about skirmishes, quarters, and living conditions.

Hessen-Cassel Field Jaeger Corps by Bruce Burgoyne.  Includes rank, assignments, and year and place of death of 35 officers.

Staff Captain George Hangers Hessen-Cassel Chasseur Company, 1779-1780 by Donald Londahl-Smidt.  As part of General Sir Henry Clinton's preparations for an expedition to reconquer South Carolina, an order is issued to Hessen-Cassel troops in the New York district to submit a list of 3 officers, 11 non-commissioned officers, 2 drummers, and 100 privates. A letter is included that describes their tumultuous voyage aboard the Ann.

Hessian Prisoners of War Taken on Staten Island in 1776 by Henry J. Retzer.  Nine British and eight Hessian soldiers were taken as POW's on October 16, 1776.  The Hessian soldiers and their fates are identified.

An Early Published Hessian Diary by Henry J. Retzer.  An exerpt of a Lossberg Regiment diary covering the Hessian occupation of Trenton.  It is a reprint of the July 26, 1777, issue of the Pennsylvania Evening Post.


Johannes Reith/Reid alias John Reed by Mark A. Schwalm.  Delves into the history of the Johannes Reith/Ried (alias John Reed) family.  The story of the Reed Gold Mine, North Carolina, is further enhanced by extensive research including land deed transfers.  Photos and maps accompany the text.

The Ancestors of Andreas Schmeltz by Robert G. Fisher.  Outlines the history of the Andreas Schmeltz family.  Much of the family history centers around Ziegenhain, Germany.  An account (in poetry format) of Captain Velten Muhly's story as the "Master Guard" of Ziegenhain during the 30 Year War is given.

Hessian Registry

Hessian Registry compiled by Mark A. Schwalm with the assistance of Richard C. Barth.  Johannes Schwalm Historical Association, Inc., maintains a registry of Hessian soldiers and their descendents.  Every two years, key elements of the registry are published.  The 1995 Journal notes that 457 inquiries were made.  252 of these men have been identified and their military records are included.

Other Articles of Interest

Johannes Schwalm - A will from 1602 by Donald Schwalm.  Johannes Schwalm, a son of Frankenberg in Hessen was a Catholic priest in Alsace.  This tells what his wishes are for his maternal and paternal inheritance.

All in the Family, researched by George H. Schwalm and compiled by N. Daniel Schwalm.

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