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1996 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 5, Number 4, ISBN No. 0-939016-25-7


Johannes Zulauf-Soldier-Immigrant, Father of Sulouffs and Suloffs in America, Part One, by Nelson R. Sulouff.  Follows Johannes Zulauf from Germany to the United States during the American Revolution.  Account includes genealogical data and extensive footnotes.

The Battle of Trenton, 26 December 1776-Reports from the Von Jungkenn Papers, translated by Bruce E. Burgoyne and Hans Mayer, annotated by Donald M. Londahl-Smidt.  Includes four reports written by three participants in the Battle of Trenton.  Reports are those of Franciscus Scheffer, Lt. Wiederholdt, and Henrich Ludwig Böcking.  Includes maps with explanations.

The New York-New Jersey Campaign, 1776-1777 - Letters from the Von Jungkenn Papers, translated by Henry J. Retzer, annotated by Donald M. Londahl-Smidt.  This article contains letters concerning the New York and New Jersey campaigns from August 1776 through July 1777, when General Sir William Howe sailed from New York on an expedition against Pennsylvania.

Ziegenhain-A Look at its History, translated from the Schwalm-Post by Elfriede and Henry J. Retzer.  Ziegenhain is part of the newly created (December 1970) city of Schwalmstadt.

Waldeck Deserters in the German Regiment of the Continental Army, by Henry J. Retzer.  The German Regiment may have attracted deserters from the Hessians.  Includes Captain Woelpper's reward notice from the Pennsylvania Gazette, 19 March 1777.


Andrew Schmeltz-a Work in Progress, collected by Melva S. Vogler.  Twenty-nine pages of text and photos trace this Hessian soldiers lineage.  Photos include babtismal and marriage certificates.

Christian Friederich Luecke, by Dorothea Rose Lazar.  Christian was captured on 16 August 1777 during the battle of Bennington.  Further examines historical documents to trace this soldier and his lineage.

Henry the Hessian, by Carol Seeley Scott.  Interesting reading about Henry Linker, who settled in North Carolina and was referred to his descendants as "Henry the Hessian".

Profiles-Aumann, prepared by M. A. Schwalm.  A straight line genealogy linking Beulah Spahlinger Clewell with her ancestor, Johann Heinrich Aumann.

Other Articles of Interest

George Malick Portraits of JSHA Directors, by Richard C. Barth.  George Malick, an artist whose work has been compared to that of Norman Rockwell, painted portraits of six founding board members of JSHA.  The paintings are reproduced on pages 87-89.

All in the Family, researched by George H. Schwalm and compiled by N. Daniel Schwalm.  Contains eighteen pages of photos, news clippings, and information about descendants of Johannes Schwalm.

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