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1997 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 6, Number 1, ISBN No. 0-939016-26-5


Johannes Zulauf-Soldier-Immigrant, Father of Sulouffs and Suloffs in America, Part Two, by Nelson R. Sulouff.  Continues the descendants and anecdotes of this family in the United States.  (Refer to the 1996 Journal for Part One.)  Includes photos of early homes, grave markers and maps.

The Life and Fortune of Christian Huthmann, Alias Hootman, Drummer Boy from Waldeck, Part One, by Mark L. Tunnell, edited by M. A. Schwalm.  On 11, April 1776, Christian Huthmann was mustered in to the 5th Company, a musket unit commanded by Captain Georg von Haacke, which became the Third English-Waldeck Regiment.

Memoir of Carl Philipp Steuernagel, 3rd Waldeck Regiment, translated by Bruce E. Burgoyne.  A brief description of the Prince of Waldeck's Third Regiment in America from 20 May 1776 to 1783.  Also includes a later expedition to Holland from 3 March 1785 against the Holy Roman Emperor.  (Note: page 43 of this memoir refers to Huthmann, the drummer.  See previously mentioned article).


Hessen Cassel Jaeger, Martin Wepler, (1756-1837), Part One, by Robert W. Webler.  A story of the author's ancestors, Martin (a Hessen Cassel auxiliary to the British Crown) and Elizabeth Wepler.

Profiles-Fiant, prepared by M. A. Schwalm.  Johann Martin Fiant arrived with the First Hessen Cassel Division at Staten Island on 16 August 1776.  A straight line genealogy links Gerald Roth with (Johann) Martin Fiant.  (Fiant-Wirt-Roth)

Peter Winter the Disdained Ancestor, by Mildred Hopkins Pretzer.  The author documents her ties to "Peter Winter the Waldecker" (likely born in Einhausen, Germany), who early in the American Revolution "mingled his fortunes" with the American Colonists.

Hessian Registry

Johannes Schwalm Historical Association, Inc. Hessian Registry, compiled by Mark A. Schwalm with the assistance of Richard C. Barth.  Key elements of the registry are published every two years in the Journal.  The list includes the inquires of 492 men, 346 of which have been identified in German, British, or American military records.

Other Articles of Interest

"A Hessian Letter from the Time of the English-North American War", by Fritz Maurer, translated by Bruce E. Burgoyne.

From Proud War Hero to Humble Prisoner-A Letter from Captain Von Geismar to his Father, translated by Dr. Helga Boie, annotated by Donald M. Londahl-Smidt.

Forty German Recruits: The Service of the Von Scheither Recruits in the 22nd Regiment of Foot, 1776-1783, by Don Hagist.

Schwalm Visit to America, Fourth World Reunion of Schwalms July 12-August 2, 1996, by Helen Nichols and Richard Barth.

"The Butter Dealers" from "The Schwalm', translated by N. Daniel Schwalm.  Originally published as "The Butterhengste", by Erich Seidenstricker.

All in the Family, researched by George H. Schwalm and compiled by N. Daniel Schwalm.

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