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1998 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 6, Number 2, ISBN No. 0-939016-27-3


The Philadelphia Campaign, 1777-1778, Letters and Reports from the von Jungkenn Papers, translated by Henry J. Retzer and annotated by Donald L. Londahl-Smidt.  Conatins translations of unpublished letters and reports by Hessen Kassel officers on the Philadelphia expedition to Major General Friedrich Christian Arnold Baron von Jungkenn-Muntzer vom Mohrenstamm, Lord High Chamberlain at the court of Landgraf Friedrich II of Hessen Kassel.

The Life and Fortune of Christian Huthmann, Alias Hootman, Drummer Boy from Waldeck, Part Two, by Mark L. Tunnell, edited by M. A. Schwalm.  Includes the value of household items sold at public auction in 1846 and a modern rendition of the author's whimsical account to return to the graveyard of his wife's family.

Philipp Theobold, Hanau Regiment Chaplain - Maine Physician, by Henry J. Retzer.  Diary is dated 15 March 1776 - 10 August 1776.  Letters dated 26 March 1778 and 3 April 1778.

The Württembergers: Unfit for Active Service in America - Or Anywhere Else, by Dr. Arno Störkel.  The author presents a scholarly view of the Württembergers and their young prince.


Hessen Cassel Jaeger, Martin Wepler, (1756-1837), Part Two, by Robert W. Webler.  Continues the story of the author's ancestors, Martin (a Hessen Cassel auxiliary to the British Crown) and Elizabeth Wepler.

Profiles-Johannes Kohlepp, prepared by M. A. Schwalm.  Traces the roots of Johannes Kohlepp (Colip) a private who served in Scheel's Company of the Hessen Hanau Erb Prinz Regiment.

Other Articles of Interest

Beatrice Schwalm Luce, by Nancy Luce Glines.  Remembrances of family life in Hubley Twonship, Pennsylvania.

Cemetery Rededication to Hessian Soldiers, by Richard C. Barth.  Gives a brief description of a burial marker in Gloucester Township, New Jersey.

Schwalm Valley Art, by N. Daniel Schwalm.  Reproductions of paintings which depict daily life in the Schwalm Valley, Germany.

Regular Features

All in the Family, researched by George H. Schwalm and compiled by N. Daniel Schwalm.

JSHA News by N. Daniel Schwalm.

Hessian Reading, compiled by Henry J. Retzer.

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