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1999 Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Volume 6, Number 3, ISBN No. 0-939016-28-1


Brunswick Soldiers Deceased During the North American War of Independence, by Gerhard Friesen.  Alphabetical list of 990 deceased soldiers with rank, unit, height, birthplace, age, and other personal statistics.

Journal of the Hessen-Hanau Erbprinz Infantry Regiment Kept by 2nd Lieutenant Carl August Sartorius, Regimental Quartermaster, translated by Henry J. Retzer.  Everyday life during the voyage from Hanau to Quebec (15 March to 21 June 1776) and the beginning of Burgoyne's campaign (30 May to 28 July 1777).  Mentions the Crown Point affair and Fort Ticonderoga.

The Philadelphia Campaign, 1777-1778, Letters and Reports from the con Jungkenn Papers, Part II - 1778, translated by Henry Retzer, annotated by Donald M. Londahl-Smidt.  Continuation of unpublished letters and reports written by Hessen Kassel officers on the Philadelphia expedition to Major General Friedrich Christian Arnold Baron von Jungkenn-Muntzer vom Mohrenstamm, Lord High Chamberlain at the court of Landgraf Friedrich II.  Reports on General Washington's activities from the British point of view, starting with the Valley Forge encampment.


Johann Heinrich Seibert - Soldier, Tailor, and Farmer, by M. A> Schwalm.

Georg Heinrich Rassmann - School Teacher and Pastor, by Marion E. Rossman, edited by M. A. Schwalm.

Johann Heinrich Bartholomey - Hessian and American Jaeger, by Michael Bartholomew.

Assman/Ashman Lineage, by William Brankowitz.

Profiles: Friedrich Stein, prepared by M. A. Schwalm.

Other Articles of Interest

Schwalm Trip to Germany - 1998, by Sharon Schwalm and Helen Fiester.  Adventures on a group trip - to the Schwalm Valley, Munich, Salzburg, Verona, Venice, Luzerne, Zurich, and Frankfurt.

Come Forth As Gold, by Mark A. Schwalm.  Report of drama written for bicentennial of the discovery of gold in North Carolina, based on 1995 JSHA journal article on Hessian John Reed's gold mine.

Research Notes ***Hessian Reading*** All in the Family  1999 Journal includes news of these descendants of German troops: Aubel, Aumann, Dietz, lucas, Schmeltz, Schwalm.

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