The Johannes Schwalm Historical Association Inc. (JSHA) offers a program of issuing a Certificate of Registration to those individuals who can trace their bloodline to a Hessian soldier who remained in North America after the Revolutionary War. The Certificate is in Fraktur form, measuring 9 inches by 12 inches, and was designed by David Hoffman of Denver, PA. It is suitable for framing and has an intrinsic value as a work of art. Across the top, arranged in an arch, are the flags (in color) of the six German Principalities who supplied soldiers along with the flag of Great Britain. The Fraktur is printed on top grade parchment colored paper utilizing typical Pennsylvania Dutch colors. Each Certificate is serially numbered and is hand lettered by the artist. It carries the corporate seal of the JSHA and is signed by the association's president and program registar. All individual genealogies that are accepted under the Certificate Program will be maintained on a computer, utilizing the Mormon personal ancestral file software. The genealogical work required to complete an application is demanding and requires a relatively high degree of exactness. A detailed set of instructions is available on the web site with the application. The decision to accept or reject an application and the subsequent decision to issue a Certificate of Registration is solely that of the JSHA. Because of the investment in the design phase and the anticipated expense of maintaining it as a viable and continuing program, there is a non-refundable charge of ten dollars that is included in the $35 fee that must accompany the application, which is good for one year from the date submitted. If for any reason, the certificate can not be issued, the remainder of the $35 fee will be refunded. Certificates can be valued gifts for your family members. If you desire Certificates for immediate family members; (sibling, or child), you can request additional ones for a charge of $25 each. The same non-refundable charge applies for additional family applications. A copy of each persons birth certificate is required to confirm his/her relationship with the applicant and the Hessian..

To participate in the Program, download the application and instructions from our web site. Mail your completed application together with a check for $35 payable to JSHA Inc. to:

JSHA, Inc. Certificate Program
PO Box 127
Scotland, PA 17254

Certificate Instructions

Certificate Application

Questions can also be directed the Scotland address or our web site.

JSHA Certificate Program Version 2.2, last updated 6/25/2014