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About The Association

JSHA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching those German auxiliary troops (generically called Hessian) who remained in America after the Revolutionary War, became loyal citizens, made cultural contributions and were the progenitors of any thousands of Americans living today.


JSHA was named in recognition of Johannes Schwalm, a Hessian, serving in von Knyphausen's Regiment, which along with other German auxiliary troops, was captured at the battle of Trenton.  Thousands of German auxiliaries to the British Crown remained in America after the Revolution, and many, like Johannes, settled in the Pennsylvania Dutch area of Pennsylvania.  JSHA was organized to pool information of several descendants who were (separately and unknown to each other) researching Johannes and his contemporaries.

Johannes Schwalm the Hessian

The Bicentennial of the United States was an appropriate time for JSHA to culminate efforts by publishing the book, Johannes Schwalm in 1976.  The widespread approval of the book (now out of print) encouraged JSHA to publish supplementary journals and monographs based on original research on German auxiliary troops and their influence on America.


For safekeeping and for use by Hessian descendants and researchers, JSHA has designated Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, as a repository for historical documents, manuscripts, artifacts, slides, tapes, and publications, etc.  JSHA's modest but growing collection is available to the public in the Special Collections Department in the Martin Library of the Sciences during Library Hours (generally open 9-5 weekdays, year round).  To view a list of the contents contained in the archives CLICK HERE.


The JSHA is an all volunteer organization with very limited staff, so please understand JSHA can not conduct research or searches for information on your soldier or family line. The JSHA has collected a large volume of information and makes it available through articles published in it's annual Journals, and it's archives maintained by Franklin and Marshal College in the Martin Library of the Sciences.



In 1993, The Johannes Schwalm Historical Association, Inc. launched a project to certify descendants of Hessian soldiers who remained in America. JSHA issues a color certificate to authenticate your ties to Hessian forebears.

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