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Searching for Hessian Ancestors.

The JSHA regrets to inform it's readers that this registry was last updated in late 2004 and at this time no one is updating this list.  If you are interested in helping JSHA update this registry in the future, please contact us.

Looking for a Hessian ancestor?

If you seek information about a Hessian or any German Auxiliary soldier who fought for England in the Revolutionary War and remained in North America, you have found a website that could prove helpful to you.  We hope this page of information may be of some assistance and guidance to you in your quest. 

What is positive identification?

Many inquirers have heard of a family tradition that they have a “Hessian” in their background.   Even if that is true, spelling of the name may have been changed over the years.  Making educated guesses to find a possible candidate for your ancestor among the thousands of Hessians who remained in America can be a time consuming and fruitless task.  We cannot participate in that endeavor.  You will have to establish a clear, straight-line genealogy from you back to your Hessian and evidence on how his name appears on a church, court or other official record.

If I have a positive identification, is there a shortcut to finding information on my Hessian ancestor?

You will find four lists of German Auxiliary soldiers in the Registry on our website.  

There are files on most of the soldiers listed in the Registry in the JSHA collection in the Martin Library of the Sciences at Franklin & Marshall College at Lancaster, PA.  A listing of the Genealogical materials and Research files can be viewed online within the F&M site.  Due to a heavy demand on F&M's limited resources, the staff can not respond to inquiries concerning Hessian genealogy or the contents of files in the collection.   Researchers are welcome to visit in-person and view collection material.  The Library access policy and research tips are available at .  Library hours of operation are: Monday-Thursday 8am-12am, Friday 8am-9pm, Saturday 11am-9pm and Sunday 11am-12am.

What if F & M does not have a file and I believe my ancestor was a German soldier who remained in North America and I want to learn more about him?

The 6 volumes of HETRINA (Hessisiche Truppen im Amerikanischen Unabhangigkeitskrieg) contain the names of soldiers from Hessen-Kassel, Hessen-Hanau and Waldeck who served in North America.  Other references include Claus Reuter’s Brunswick Troops in North America, 1776-1783, and Clifford Neal Smith’s Monographs.  Those sources might contain the name of your ancestor and may be found in your State or University library.  If you find your ancestor’s name listed as a deserter, or discharged in North America, or who did not return to Germany, then you might require assistance to learn more about the soldier.

We suggest you read the page of this site offering guidance for conducting research for Hessians.

What if I have information on a soldier you list and I am willing to contribute it to a file for other descendants to use?

If you have information on a German Auxiliary soldier who remained in North America and wish to contribute it to the soldier’s file, send it by electronic or surface mail to:

E-mail address:

    P.O. BOX 3003
    LANCASTER, PA 17604-3003


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